State of the art dispenser

  • We carefully engineered our premium dispenser for heavy-duty use while keeping it extra silent and ergonomic.
  • Its mechanical pedal requires no electric power and we used stainless steel all the way to offer you unmatched durability.
  • High capacity tank with just over 6 liters means fewer reloads and minimal maintenance.

For businesses

Restaurants, hotels, stores, gyms, bars, social venues… they find our sanitizer indispensable.
Those places can be crowded and people like the feeling of safety that InfinityDrop
® provides on their way.

Give your employees the protection they deserve, at all times.


More than ever hygienic conditions are needed – everywhere, especially in schools, libraries, playgrounds, parks, government buildings and public places.

High capacity dispenser means less maintenance, and you’ll have peace of mind with our vandal-resistant features.


Add accessible sanitizers in airports, bus, train and tram stations in a blink thanks to our quick setup procedure.

Chances of cross-contamination are always higher when using public transport, make travelers feel at ease providing sanitizers at key locations.


  • Quality — made from high-grade weather-resistant stainless steel
  • Volume — holds over 6 liters of your preferred liquid to save constant re-filling
  • Hands-free — low noise, pedal-action hygienic hand sanitizer
  • Easy — easy to install, easy to use, easy to top-up, electricity-free
  • Stylish — sturdy, elegant design suitable for use inside and outside
  • Tough — fitted with security screws, engineered to withstand abuse
  • Price — a premium product at a very competitive price

Drop everything and order InfinityDrop® today!

Delivery times: Romania 1-2 days, Europe 3-10 days
1 year warranty

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    European materials, design and product. Stainless Steel from Germany & Italy. Manufactured in Romania by Delcase®.